About the conference

The conference “An Event Apart”, based on web and interface design, take place at Orlando in 2016, presented by many leaders of Web Industrie like Brad Frost, Lara Hogan or Cameron Moll.

This conference allows people to open them to the World Wide Web with another way to see it.

Gerry McGovern

The speaker we will talk about today, Gerry McGovern, is one of the five visionary from web development. He is the CEO of “Customer carewords”, he wrote books to explain how the web affects customers, he also used his knowledge to help companies like Microsoft, DropBox or Google to identify an optimize tasks the most requested by their customers.

Today we need clear, fast & intuitive websites. You can't waste your time searching or loading information; users shouldn’t encounter difficulties. The content need to be minimized to the crucial information, that's one of the first steps to get a clear website to look at.

Indeed in a clear website it's way easier to find what you came for, and reading is more peaceful. He talks about the problem from the entreprise who place their problems before the user’s problem.

To explain this, Gerry McGovern used to personal experiences to show how some companies have overstepped their problems by using simple tips to improve user experience.

For example he explains how Barack Obama managed to increase people's participation to his donation during the US Preseidential elections by 49% with only few changes on the donation page or how a Norwegian bank saw a 520% increase in visit of their product page.